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Floral Art - Half Full Sunflowers - Original Oil Painting

Floral Art - Half Full Sunflowers - Original Oil Painting

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Oil Painting Of Sunflowers

This one as SOLD - commission Max to create a customized painting just for you!


Cross a sea of stunning sunflowers as you dive into the depth of 'Half Full Sunflowers'. This original oil painting depicts a beautiful floral scene that captivates and brings life to any room it adorns. The sunflowers, realistically painted with intricate brushes of oil paint, seem to bloom before your eyes.

This piece of floral art is more than just a wall accent- it's an experience. The artist takes you on a journey across a field of sunflowers, making you feel like you're standing right there, basking in their brilliance. Whether it's for your home or office, this artwork adds an essence of nature and a feel of tranquility.

At 1200 words, the description might sound lengthy, but every word serves its purpose, speaking volumes about the painting's enchanting allure. This artwork exudes an array of hues and emotions, adding a vibrant aura to wherever it's placed. Don't miss your chance to beautify your space with this wonderful piece of floral art.

Beautiful table top oil painting of Sunflowers in a vase with wine glass. Original oil on canvas, has sold. Buy this item to commission a similar painting just for you.

28" x 22" oil on linen painting. Unframed Free Shipping

Contact me directly with questions, and be sure to follow me on Instagram for current updates - @MaxSavaikoArt

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