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Original Landscape Painting - Across The Stream

Original Landscape Painting - Across The Stream

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9x12 oil on canvas landscape painting. 

Looks Great framed too - Check the pictures

Step into the serene beauty of nature with 'Across The Stream,' an original landscape painting that captures the essence of tranquility and untouched wilderness. This captivating artwork invites you to wander through a picturesque scene where lush, verdant trees gracefully bow over a crystal-clear stream, their reflections gently dancing upon the water's surface. The interplay of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing tapestry, illuminating the subtle nuances of the landscape. The artist's skillful brushwork brings to life the harmony between the vibrant foliage and the tranquil flow of the stream, evoking a sense of calm and introspection. 'Across The Stream' is a timeless portrayal of nature's untouched splendor, a captivating addition to any space that transports you to a place of peaceful serenity

Contact me directly with questions, and be sure to follow me on Instagram for current updates - @MaxSavaiko

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