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Limited Edition Print - Wilderness Trail Whiskey artwork - Bad Ass

Limited Edition Print - Wilderness Trail Whiskey artwork - Bad Ass

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Introducing 'Bad Ass,' the premium print featuring Wilderness Trail Bourbon whiskey

Beautiful Limited Edtion print of the 'Wilderness Trail Bad Boy' painting, a bold and captivating artwork now showcased on our art platform. This limited-edition masterpiece encapsulates the rugged spirit and authenticity of Wilderness Trail Bourbon. Immerse yourself in the raw energy and audacious character depicted in this striking piece, celebrating the untamed essence of the bourbon.

Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship behind Wilderness Trail through this meticulously crafted print, showcasing the rebellious yet refined nature of the brand. Elevate your space with this powerful artwork, a testament to the adventurous spirit and craftsmanship synonymous with Wilderness Trail Bourbon.

Limited Edition:

  • This artwork is exclusive and part of a limited edition.
  • The original was 36" x 24", and these are the available editions:
    • 12 x 9 editions of 300
    • 20 x 16 edition of 300
    • 16 x 12 editions of 100
    • 20 x 16 editions of 100
  • Each Art Print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.
  • Each Art Print comes with its own signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Expertly Crafted Masterpiece: Our art print, meticulously created with the finest materials, flawlessly captures the intricate details of the iconic Blanton's letter L. This print adds sophistication to any home or office.
  • Stunning Detail and Quality: Printed on premium 310-gram hot-pressed cotton rag paper with archival ink, our print ensures long-lasting vibrancy. No need for Archival glass when framing – the print maintains its stunning detail over time.
  • Options for Personalization: Choose a Limited Edition print signed by the artist for an extra touch of exclusivity. Custom sizes are also available – contact us with any questions.
  • Canvas Prints (Giclee): Experience the canvas detail reproduction of the original, stretched on wooden bars for easy installation in the frame of your choice.
  • Convenient Shipping: Prints are shipped in a tube to prevent creases, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Available Options:

  • Paper: We use 310-gram hot-pressed cotton rag paper for its durability and feel. To extend durability, we use Archival Ink, so the image will not fade over time. Finally, a special polymer is applied to coat and seal the image for exclusive protection.
  • Canvas: Art prints on canvas, also known as Giclee, use heavyweight canvas for durability and feel. To extend durability, we use Archival Ink, preventing image fading over time. Finally, a special polymer is applied to coat and seal the image for exclusive protection. Comes stretched on wooden bars, and the Title and name will not be visible. You only need to install it in the standard size frame of your choice.
  • Other options: Discover unsigned paper prints, metal prints, and custom home accessories on my Fine Art Website. Explore the collection now!

Important notes:

  • Frames Not Included: Prints only; frames are not included.
  • Secure Shipping: Paper prints are carefully shipped in a tube, while we box canvas prints for extra safe handling.
  • Timing: Since these are on-demand Limited Edition prints, they are custom printed and reviewed by the artist for quality assurance. Please allow 10 business days for printing and shipping. For urgent requests, contact the artist for expedited options.

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Own a piece that embodies the boldness and authenticity of Wilderness Trail, adding aa classic touch to your home decor with this collection. Experience the allure and authenticity of 'Bad Ass,' an evocative tribute to Wilderness Trail Bourbon and its fearless attitude.

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Pat Heist

I am so proud to own the original Wilderness Trail Bad Ass Painting. It has extraordinary color and details, and the way the light flows across is incredible. I would buy another - (and I did!)

Get a Bourbon Print on Canvas

I ordered another Canvas print from Max because the first looked so great! They look so good - Love it!

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